Smokey Slow-Cooked Lamb and some Important Info

Hello my darlings!

Firstly, let me get some admin out of the way…

You may have noticed some technical gremlins wreaking havoc these past few days, and perhaps you’re no longer even receiving my blog posts by e-mail.

Well, I’ve made a few ‘backstage’ changes to the blog, switching hosts, etc and hopefully all will be smooth sailing from here.

Very important: If you’ve subscribed with your WordPress account, please check that you’re subscribed to receive my posts per email, otherwise you will only see it in your reader…

Moving along…

I’ve made this delicious slow-cooked lamb to share with you – and well, let me just say it’s a winner!

2 comments on “Smokey Slow-Cooked Lamb and some Important Info”

  1. Debbie Barnett

    OMG…this looks and sounds absolutely delicious!

    • Heidi

      Thanks Debbie!

      Try it – it really IS delicious! 😉

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