Super Steak Bowls

You know how often the best dishes are just so simple, you just think, well d’uh!?

These super steak bowls are on of those…
It’s literally a simple salad topped with juicy strips of flame-grilled steak…

Super steak bowls {LCHF, Paleo, Banting}

Seasoned and dressed to perfection.

Servings: 2 

You will need:

250 g flame grilled rump steak
small handful of blanched green beans, cut in half
1 cup rosa tomatoes, cut in half
1 avocado, diced
2 tbsp. salmuera dressing
2 tbsp. olive oil
spoonful of roast tomato sauce to finish off the dish

Heat the leftover steak, cut into strips and let it sit in the leftover juices.

Mix all the beans, avo and tomatoes and divide between 2 bowls.

Mix the dressing and olive oil in a shaker and pour onto the salads.
Top with steak strips, a spoonful of roast tomato sauce and steak juices.

So simple – tuck in and enjoy! x

Super steak bowls {LCHF, Paleo, Banting}

Perfect for a Monday night, or faux-Monday, after a long-weekend of braaing…


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