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Low Carb Chocolate Pots

You can’t beat rich, decadent chocolate pots… Even better if these are Low Carb Chocolate Pots! These Low Carb Chocolate Pots are similar to baked chocolate custard. It has a silky, rich, chocolate centre with a soft ‘crust’. With cream, eggs, xylitol and dark chocolate, it’s a low carb dream dessert. A fat bomb really!

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Berry Chocolate and Cheesecake LCHF Parfait

A mouthful indeed – but this Berry Chocolate and Cheesecake LCHF Parfait is worth every bite đŸ˜‰ A light-as-a-feather chocolate roulade base, topped with ultra-rich and decadent chocolate mousse, cheesecake and a trio of berries. Who needs trifle?!

LCHF Chocolate Ice Cream Bars

Rich and decadent, ultra-creamy LCHF Chocolate Ice Cream Bars… These bars are more like ice cream cookie sandwiches, with a cookie base and a velvety chocolate ice cream layer. Take it to the next level with a scoop of toasted coconut ice cream sandwiched in-between two bars!

Pecan & Chocolate LCHF Fudge

What’s not to love about a LCHF fudge treat that has very little carbs? How about the fact that it only uses 5 ingredients? Or that you can whip it up while the bath water is running and enjoy it as soon as the kids have gone off to bed..? You could even make enough

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The Ultimate LCHF Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is such a classic dessert and one of those that can easily be adapted to be low carb without totally destroying the essence of it. I’ve tried many chocolate mousse versions and I have to say – this one is The Ultimate LCHF Chocolate Mousse! It’s rich, super silky, decadent and just the

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Triple Chocolate Tart

Triple chocolate tart – need I say more? Oh yes, it’s LCHF {Low Carb High Fat}, Sugar-Free and Banting-friendly! I made this triple chocolate tart for our Monthly Ingredient Challenge – can you guess this month’s ingredient..? It’s not broccoli. This chocolate tart has a chocolate & coconut macaroon base, a chocolate ganache layer and

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Frozen Raspberry & Chocolate Mousse Cake {Sugar-Free, Grain-Free, Banting}

I recently had some fabulous chocolate mousse cake at a friend’s place and really wanted to recreate that dense, chocolaty, almost fudgy texture of the cake. I also saw some yummy-looking raspberry & chocolate energy bars on Pinterest… So I kind of combined those two ideas into one spectacular frozen dessert:

Banting Chocolate Fudge with Hazelnuts

We all crave something sweet every once in a while {or like me, pretty often đŸ˜‰ } and this banting chocolate fudge really hits the spot. It’s just the right amount of sweet, packed with yummy nuts and coconut, and it also serves as a great ‘pick-me-up’ or energy bar.

Energy-Boosting Low Carb Chocolate Granola

Chocolate for breakfast?! You bet! This was actually one of those happy accidents, where you set out to make one thing and it becomes another… These were meant to be energy bars for running, but something went wrong with the consistency and they just kept on crumbling. Nevertheless – the result was some seriously awesome,

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