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Hey SuperMama! What’s your go-to-recipe?

Something I often think about is a signature dish or go-to-recipe… Do I have one? When I think of others, I try and pinpoint theirs… What IS a signature dish? Is it a no-fail, never-disappoint dish that your family loves and you’ve mastered? Or is it a show-stopper you reserve for special occasions? Or maybe

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15 Budget LCHF Meals To See You Through The End Of The Month

I’ve heard the term ‘Januworry’ pop up a lot lately and it’s true, January can feel like a loooong month! But, whatever the month or the situation might be, I’ve got you covered. Here’s my compilation of 15 Budget LCHF Meals To See You Through The End Of The Month. Don’t Januworry, these budget LCHF meals are by

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LCHF Chicken Salad – Great to Make Ahead

This LCHF Chicken Salad is easy, super tasty and loaded with vitamin C. It is the perfect LCHF chicken salad to throw together using leftovers and bits from the fridge. You can prep it ahead to keep in the fridge for the week to come, it’s a perfect lunch box salad!

Make-Ahead LCHF Breakfasts For A Week!

Whether you’ve been batch-cooking for ages or only just getting into it now, these make-ahead LCHF breakfasts will save you heaps of time and give your days a super head-start! I’m all about make-ahead meals these days! I mean, why have we never done it before?! {These make-ahead LCHF breakfasts are a good place to

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Curried Eggs En Cocotte – Easy LCHF Breakfast

Eggs en cocotte must be the easiest and prettiest of all breakfasts and this version of curried eggs en cocotte won’t disappoint! Let’s face it – breakfast dishes can look a bit messy; eggs, bacon and the works, just slapped on a plate… These little bowls of eggy goodness combines my love for one-bowl-dishes and my

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Chicken-Stuffed Low Carb Eggplant

Eggplant, aubergine, brinjal – that veggie you either love or hate… Me, I absolutely love it!! There’s something so comforting and earthy about it, especially when it’s grilled, drenched in olive oil and paired with a few tasty ingredients to complement it. This Chicken-Stuffed Low Carb Eggplant dish is total comfort; packed with flavour and oozing

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Italian Meatball Soup

Rich, hearty meatballs meet soul-warming soup and voila, you have Italian Meatball Soup! These meatballs are rich, tasty and comforting, yet light, almost like a soothing bowl of chicken soup and is perfect for treating cold-weather-woes.

Top 10 Easy LCHF Snacks

Today I’m sharing my Top 10 Easy LCHF Snacks – these are quick to make and totally #KidApproved. I call these the Top 10 Easy LCHF Snacks, because they don’t really require much prep work. They’re handy for kids, as appetizers or small meals. Perfect for lunch boxes or picnics – point is, it’s easy, it’s small

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Eggs en Cocotte with Leftover Ham or Turkey

Happy Boxing Day! You’re probably recovering from cooking a feast on Christmas Day… You might feel you deserve a bit of a break today… Well, sorry to break the news, but unless you live alone {even then – you still need to eat a good breakfast}, you are probably relied upon to conjure up something

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