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Creamy Broccoli Soup with Ratatouille

You know those days when you just crave heaps and heaps of veggies? But you don’t necessarily want them all steamed and boring… This soup is perfect – you get loads of veggies, without it being a boring old veggie soup, packed with flavour and comfort. I actually had two things on my mind when

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The Secret to Amazing Lamb Chops every.single.time

Hello! I have to confess, I’ve never really been a fan of the lamb chop on the braai… That is, until we moved into our new home, befriended the best neighbours ever and braaid a lot – now I’m a huge fan! These amazing lamb chops are different from the ‘gourmet’ kind you might find

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Butternut & Feta Banting Bread

I am really, really enjoying this banting bread! Sooo yum – it’s hard to believe it’s ALL GOOD! I originally found this recipe for flax seed banting bread in Real Meal Revolutions – fab just as is too – and have been doing a few different variations of it. Here’s my variation with Butternut &

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