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Best of the Week on FGP: 6-12 July

Happy Monday! Don’t you agree that Mondays should just be for chilling out? Yes – I think that Mondays should be like a recovery day. Or at least for moms… 😉 Moms should get a coupon for Mondays that allow them to just veg out on the couch and binge-watch their favourite series. The coupon

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Mushroom & Sage Roast Chicken with Buerre Blanc Sauce

These past 4 weeks have been the toughest in a long time that I can remember… Prepare yourselves for a little mommy-rant… I’ve been puked on, poo-d on, had snot all over clothing, etc, washed a gazillion loads of washing on my machine’s 3-hour antibacterial cycle and woke countless mornings seriously sleep-deprived… Being a parent

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Thai Curried Chicken Terrine

You may, or may not, know that I’m slightly terrine-obsessed! I just think they’re so pretty and a bit different {well, they’re actually quite old-fashioned but you don’t really see them that often…}. Just open any old cookbook, like the ‘Kook en Geniet’ {a favourite of mine!} and there are heaps of terrines and moulded

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Effortless Entertaining with this {Low Carb} Paella

I’ve been craving a good paella for a while now… It {Paella} used to be my go-to dish when entertaining – it requires minimum effort and gives you maximum taste and satisfaction. It’s one of those really social dishes – my favourite kind – where you simply place a heaving bowl of it in the

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Bobotie with a Twist

So, it’s #TBT {Throwback Thursday} and I thought I’d share on of my first recipes from the blog with all my new readers – and for all my ‘old’ readers, well, you can see how far we’ve come! I chose this bobotie recipe because I’m actually really in the mood for a good bobotie right

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