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Slow-Cooked Smoked Sausage & Cabbage

To me, this is ultra-comfort-food! This dish evokes the same sort of comfort, satisfaction & feeling you’d associate with mac ‘n cheese, except that it’s better – and it’s better for you {obviously}. My love for cabbage started quite recently actually, when we had a layover in Frankfurt on our last vacation. Hubby insisted that

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Feel Good Friday – Comfort Food Favourites

Happy Friday! Here are a few comfort food favourites from my recipe archives – whether it’s lamb, pork or fish you’re craving, or perhaps a crunchy rusk to dip into your morning coffee. {I also like a late-night hot chocolate {with a sprinkle of cinnamon} with a rusk, while curled up in front of the

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Effortless Entertaining with this {Low Carb} Paella

I’ve been craving a good paella for a while now… It {Paella} used to be my go-to dish when entertaining – it requires minimum effort and gives you maximum taste and satisfaction. It’s one of those really social dishes – my favourite kind – where you simply place a heaving bowl of it in the

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