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Never Tried Bone Marrow? Where Have You Been?!

I have to admit, I never used to like it, or more accurately, the thought of eating bone marrow grossed me out… That was when I was still young and a bit silly… Now – LOVE it! I recently discovered a fab new butcher and got some really nice, large beef marrow bones from them.

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Chicken on the #Braai

Seeing as it’s Braai Day tomorrow, I shall share this marvelous recipe for chicken on the braai: You will need: 1 or more whole chicken 1/4 ‘secret’ marinade I used for a recent lamb braai {Remember to always remove the meat from the fridge a good few hours before cooking.} Use your secret marinade to

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Chicken with Creamy Blue Cheese & Broccoli

So, what’s for dinner tonight? We’re having chicken with creamy blue cheese and broccoli – and a gem squash.{Ok, so we’re not reaaally having this for dinner, I lied, this was last night’s dinner… Freshly blogged for you to enjoy tonight 😉 } Don’t you just love broccoli as an adult? I used to hate

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Springtime Prawns

Hello and happy Friday! I don’t know why seafood is so underrated, or shall I say less-present when living in-land… Nevermind living in-land, even on our own shores seafood is somewhat of a lesser cousin to red meat. I suppose that’s just our South African culture. When we visit my family in the States {Florida},

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The Secret to Amazing Lamb Chops every.single.time

Hello! I have to confess, I’ve never really been a fan of the lamb chop on the braai… That is, until we moved into our new home, befriended the best neighbours ever and braaid a lot – now I’m a huge fan! These amazing lamb chops are different from the ‘gourmet’ kind you might find

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Bobotie with a Twist

Hooray, September is finally here! Hello Spring – we’ve missed you! It is also Heritage Month here in sunny SA and we do love bobotie…   This isn’t just any bobotie, it’s a chicken bobotie and soooo good! Rich, chicken flavour with the sweetness of caramelised onions, a bit of spiciness and oodles of #yum!

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