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Berry Booster

I totally believe in the healing powers of food and this berry medley packs a powerful punch! With the changing season, we’ve all been a bit sniffly, especially the kids. They don’t want to eat anything when they’re not feeling well and that actually just makes things worse… This Berry Booster helped to bring down

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PB & Dark Choc Power Smoothie {Plus Their Health Benefits}

PB – that’s Peanut Butter between us friends 😉 So, it’s time for the Monthly Ingredient Challenge once again and this month’s ingredient was… {drum roll…} Peanut Butter! {How did you guess..? So clever!} I love these challenges and love being part of this awesome group of bloggers – you should check out what the

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Almond Fat Bomb Smoothie

A super treat, super nutritious and extremely filling! {Also a great fat-booster to fuel your day, so I’d recommend this for breakfast.} You will need: 1/2 cup raw almonds 2 tbs coconut cream 1 tbs honey 1 tsp xylitol {only if you want it to be sweet…} 1 banana {gives you much-needed energy pre-workout} Ice

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Low-Carb Travels & a Super Green Smoothie

Traveling a-la-low-carb is no joke people… If you’re stuck in economy and have a layover – well let’s just say the pickings are slim indeed… You’re best off just to avoid the obvious starches and hope for the best. (You might just starve, because let’s be honest, the choices at an airport include carbs, carbs,

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