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Berry Booster

I totally believe in the healing powers of food and this berry medley packs a powerful punch! With the changing season, we’ve all been a bit sniffly, especially the kids. They don’t want to eat anything when they’re not feeling well and that actually just makes things worse… This Berry Booster helped to bring down

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Why We Get Seasonal Sniffles and How To Combat It With The Right Foods

Don’t you find that as soon as the weather changes – whether it’s the start of a new season, or simply a sudden temperature change – you get bogged down with the sniffles… It’s not always that serious, but it sure is annoying! My best friend and I always joke about our husbands’ medical knowledge

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Summer Aubergine & Chicken Curry – Low Carb & Lemony

I just love a good curry – who doesn’t? But it’s not exactly the first thing that pops into mind for dinner during summer… While doing my weekly meal plans, this was created – I had aubergines and a whole chicken I wanted to use, as well as lots of double cream yoghurt. My kids

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Super-restorative & Nourishing Indian-style Omelette

Can I just say: Oh M Geeeeee! {Oh My goodness} I went back to gym today, after a nice long break of almost 2 months… And then I almost died. Can fitness just disappear like that? What about muscle memory?! Seems like I have a bit of muscle amnesia… {Even though I went running a

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Low-Carb Travels & a Super Green Smoothie

Traveling a-la-low-carb is no joke people… If you’re stuck in economy and have a layover – well let’s just say the pickings are slim indeed… You’re best off just to avoid the obvious starches and hope for the best. (You might just starve, because let’s be honest, the choices at an airport include carbs, carbs,

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