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Let Them Eat… Cauli Pops!

Isn’t cauliflower just the most versatile, clever veggie ever?! Until recently – a total underdog! Ok, but first, I HAVE to just tell you what my almost-4-year-old son told me this morning… You might know this about me; I am NOT a morning person, and since I’ve had kids, I’m even less of a morning

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{Low Carb} Cauli Cake

Here it is – a delicious low carb cauli cake: {Inspired by a recipe of Yotam Ottolenghi} This is actually a savoury cake, I suppose kind of quiche-like, however it has a more dense texture and something between a quiche and a fritatta. Great to have in the fridge for a snack or teatime nibble.

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Sneak Peek: {Low Carb} Cauli Cake

Hello Beautiful People! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day – however you spent it. You know, I love Vday – apart from the fact that it’s probably a bit commercialised, etc, I still love it, It’s just so pretty and fun. I like to find fun and creative little ways to show

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Curried Mango Coleslaw

I have a new-found love for coleslaw! It’s crunchy, tangy and delicious – and will add some pizzazz to most meals. As a child, I used to hate cabbage, whether it was cooked, coleslaw, or whatever… Just one of those foods I didn’t care for. Even as an adult, cabbage is something I wouldn’t normally

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Thai-Style Grilled Fish with Coconut Cauli Rice

Thai is something I don’t cook regularly, but definitely will from now on. With such exotic, yet simple flavours, its a nice change every so often. So, here’s what we had: Crispy fried whole fish with a Thai dressing and coconut cauli rice Let’s start with the rice – I don’t normally like cauli rice,

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Hearty Green Veg Salad

Ah – holiday time, what a wonderful time of the year! Kids are home and you might have some visitors… They all need feeding and with as little a fuss as possible. Over the next few weeks I’ll be focusing even more on fast, fresh and simple foods {isn’t that the title of one of

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Never Tried Bone Marrow? Where Have You Been?!

In honour of #TBT, I believe this recipe needs another 15 minutes of fame… Simple, sophisticated, delicate and SO underrated / overlooked. #superfood #TBT #bonemarrow #banting #paleo #primal

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