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{Low Carb} Cauli Fish Cakes with Dill Mayo

I love fish cakes, but honestly, I don’t love how they seem to fall apart a-la-low-carb… So I had this brain wave… Cauli-fish-cakes! Cauli and mozzarella cheese is like the ultimate low carb binder / base. And you know how kids see through anything healthy and wholesome – so the more ‘perfect’ and ‘store-bought’ something

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Spinach & Broccoli {Low Carb} Meaty Bites

Happy Friday! 🙂 Here’s a recipe for spinach and broccoli meaty bites – done in two different ways, because it’s always great if you can whip up a big batch of something and create more than one meal! {Especially on a weekend ;)} 1 batch of spinach & broccoli mince mixture = 35 meatballs +

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Avocados: 5 Great Recipes + Health Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Don’t you just LOVE avocados? Rich, creamy, delicious and SUPER-nutritious! Avos were one of the things I probably missed most while living in India… Even though the climate seemed perfect for growing avocados, they were nowhere to be found. Perhaps the locals just didn’t enjoy them..?! {Or – perhaps they didn’t have the patience for

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Best Ever Spinach Quiche

  Best quiche ever – and so simple. You can really put anything into a quiche, can’t you? But it takes just the right mix of ingredients to make an ab-fab quiche – and this is it: I made this fab quiche that is totally ‘good’ in every sense of the word. It’s low carb

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