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Garlic, Chili & Coriander Butter – Your New Best Friend

Hello! I hope you’re having a fab day. Mine has been quite busy so far – how is it that the time just flies like that?! Anyways, I thought I’d share this amazing {yet so simple} butter with you… It really is a kitchen staple – or it should be! You can use this for

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My Favourite Olive Oil plus a Light & Easy Side Salad

It’s Monday, it’s raining, so let’s take it easy… I went to my husband’s gym this morning, instead of going to my usual class at my gym…Oh..My..Goodness… I am pooped! New exercises, lots of muscle usage – I might not be able to lift a finger tomorrow… As we say here in SA – eish!

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Avocados: 5 Great Recipes + Health Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Don’t you just LOVE avocados? Rich, creamy, delicious and SUPER-nutritious! Avos were one of the things I probably missed most while living in India… Even though the climate seemed perfect for growing avocados, they were nowhere to be found. Perhaps the locals just didn’t enjoy them..?! {Or – perhaps they didn’t have the patience for

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My Precious… {best and most versatile seasoning ever!}

There’s always that one ingredient that’s like your own secret weapon, usually something silly but VERY effective. Sure, different things require different secret weapons, but this one, I swear, is so versatile you can use it for just about anything. {And trust me, I DO!} Delicious prawns Awesome chicken Super soup And I’m not being

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