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Dark Choc & Pecan {Low Carb} Rusks make Mornings Extra Special

I love a little treat in the mornings – especially when it involves chocolate… and you can dip it in your coffee..! This is something like a cross between a chocolate biscotti (without the almond) and a rusk: Make these ASAP and HIDE them, trust me, they won’t last a day if you don’t! This

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{Low Carb} Cauli Cake

Here it is – a delicious low carb cauli cake: {Inspired by a recipe of Yotam Ottolenghi} This is actually a savoury cake, I suppose kind of quiche-like, however it has a more dense texture and something between a quiche and a fritatta. Great to have in the fridge for a snack or teatime nibble.

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A Pumpkin Pie of Sorts #TBT

When you hear pumpkin pie, you think of a dessert, right? Something sweet and decadent… This is not such a pie… This pie is kind of like a Moroccan-American version of a Shepherd’s Pie: Savoury mince, delicately spiced with cumin and cinnamon, topped with spiced pumpkin that is naturally sweet. It’s a great family-style casserole,

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Cheese & Broccoli Bacon Roulade

I’m not really sure what to name this beast of a roulade: Layers of bacon & mince with a centre of cream cheese, cheddar and broccoli – YUM! Ok, so it’s not exactly a dinner-party type of dish, but it’s perfect for a hearty weeknight family dinner or even as a weekend ‘roast’ type dish.

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Easy Peasy {and Delicious} Broccoli Bake

Broccoli – usually the stuff of nightmares for kids – now the new hero on the menu! Here’s another tasty way to prepare your broccoli, using a few quality ingredients to make it shine, rather than disguise it: You will need: {Serves 4} 500g Broccoli florets 50ml Olive oil A handful of flaked almonds 2

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