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{Low Carb} Dinner Party: Dessert – Almond & Coconut Tart

I love dinner parties! I love hosting them and I love attending them. The care and effort that goes into planning the menu, setting the table and lovingly presenting the food… total satisfaction and pure enjoyment! So – what’s on the menu? Well, it’s important to make sure that your guests will eat everything on

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best of low carb

This Week’s Best on FGP {8-12 June}

Hello and happy Friday! Let’s see which recipes were this week’s favourites: {I skipped last week – sorry guys – it was a busy one with both mine and my eldest son’s birthdays on the 7th! Hip-hip, hooray!} Top 3 on Pinterest: Top 3 on Facebook: Top 3 on the Blog: Which are your favourites??

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Lemon & Clementine Panna Cotta

It’s time again for the Monthly Ingredient Challenge: A few of us super-talented foodies get together and decide on an ingredient for each month. We each have to create something fabulous with that ingredient and share it on our blogs. {At the bottom of this post is a link that you can click on to

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Choc Chip Cheesecake

{Here’s the big one, topped with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate shavings}   This post comes with a bit of a warning label: It’s so delicious you might want to eat the entire cake! {That’s why I only made a small one 😉 } The real evil is that you have to make a batch

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Drumroll please… The BEST Low Carb Brownies

Sure, the purpose of following a low carb ‘diet’ isn’t about replacing bad old habits with better ingredients… It’s about eating real food, cutting the carbs and kicking sugar to the curb… It’s about being healthy, inside and out… But hey – every now and then a girl needs a brownie! And I’ve tried quite

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Blueberry Panna Cotta

Happy Friday! {Friday is my favourite F-word! Just kidding, I have another favourite… 😉 I saw the Friday-F-word quote on Facebook and just loved it!} So, it’s Friday and I think some lovely, rich, smooth panna cotta is in order… This is one of my favourite desserts, but I’ve often found it too rich. I

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Poached Pear Baked Custard

Is there anything as glorious as silky smooth, rich, homemade custard? Probably not… I made these poached pears for the kids the other day – thought it would be a nice treat while they were sick… {Turns out they didn’t really care for it – perhaps because it wasn’t so sweet? Yay – more for

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It’s not Cheesecake, Cheesecake ;)

I’m sure you already know this of me, but I have the biggest sweet tooth! Seriously, I do – yes, I’ve mostly given up sugar, etc, etc, but that doesn’t mean my sweet tooth disappeared all of a sudden! I’ve been experimenting with different dessert recipes – all sugar- and gluten-free and have stumbled upon

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