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The Egg Fast – Yay or Nay?

For me, it’s a nay… I decided to try out a 5-day egg fast last week, to see what all the fuss was about and also to try and lose a couple of stubborn kilos. Here are the details of the eating plan I followed from I Breathe I’m Hungry. {Do try the snickerdoodle crepes

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Birthday Egg ‘Cupcakes’

For those of you that don’t know, I’m doing an egg fast this week… Today is day 4 and I’m starting to convince myself that chocolate Easter eggs may well count as eggs… Just kidding! But seriously, eggs are a teensy bit less appealing to me these days… Nevertheless, I’m soldiering on and have 1

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Egg Fast

So, I’m doing an egg fast this week and thought to share it with y’all. I’m following a 5-day plan from Mellissa over at I Breathe I’m Hungry and I must say, the recipes look great! I’m 2 days in and so far, so good! Luckily I love eggs..! You can read more about her

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Breakfast in a flash: Bacon Bowls filled with Egg & Spinach

I love breakfast; I love bacon; I love the fact that I can eat eggs & bacon just about every day and not get bored with it! I grew up with cereal / porridge for breakfast – bacon & eggs were for special weekend treats, because, you know, it’s unhealthy… {Thank goodness we now know

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Bacon, Kale & Scrambled Egg Bowls plus Top Tips for Making Scrambled Eggs

It’s breakfast time somewhere in the world, right..?! Start your day with these yummy bowls of goodness: {Kale is like The Hulk of leafy greens!} It’s so easy and you only need a few ingredients: {This is enough for 3 people} Half an onion, chopped 4 eggs A splash of milk or cream A large

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