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Spinach & Broccoli {Low Carb} Meaty Bites

Happy Friday! 🙂 Here’s a recipe for spinach and broccoli meaty bites – done in two different ways, because it’s always great if you can whip up a big batch of something and create more than one meal! {Especially on a weekend ;)} 1 batch of spinach & broccoli mince mixture = 35 meatballs +

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Cheese & Broccoli Bacon Roulade

I’m not really sure what to name this beast of a roulade: Layers of bacon & mince with a centre of cream cheese, cheddar and broccoli – YUM! Ok, so it’s not exactly a dinner-party type of dish, but it’s perfect for a hearty weeknight family dinner or even as a weekend ‘roast’ type dish.

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