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Mushroom & Sage Roast Chicken with Buerre Blanc Sauce

These past 4 weeks have been the toughest in a long time that I can remember… Prepare yourselves for a little mommy-rant… I’ve been puked on, poo-d on, had snot all over clothing, etc, washed a gazillion loads of washing on my machine’s 3-hour antibacterial cycle and woke countless mornings seriously sleep-deprived… Being a parent

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Egg Fast

So, I’m doing an egg fast this week and thought to share it with y’all. I’m following a 5-day plan from Mellissa over at I Breathe I’m Hungry and I must say, the recipes look great! I’m 2 days in and so far, so good! Luckily I love eggs..! You can read more about her

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{Low Carb} Cauli Cake

Here it is – a delicious low carb cauli cake: {Inspired by a recipe of Yotam Ottolenghi} This is actually a savoury cake, I suppose kind of quiche-like, however it has a more dense texture and something between a quiche and a fritatta. Great to have in the fridge for a snack or teatime nibble.

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Energy-Boosting Low Carb Chocolate Granola

Chocolate for breakfast?! You bet! This was actually one of those happy accidents, where you set out to make one thing and it becomes another… These were meant to be energy bars for running, but something went wrong with the consistency and they just kept on crumbling. Nevertheless – the result was some seriously awesome,

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Garlic, Chili & Coriander Butter – Your New Best Friend

Hello! I hope you’re having a fab day. Mine has been quite busy so far – how is it that the time just flies like that?! Anyways, I thought I’d share this amazing {yet so simple} butter with you… It really is a kitchen staple – or it should be! You can use this for

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Chocolate Cake Bombs {Low Carb & Energizing}

Happy Chocolate Cake Day! And now you can have your {Low Carb} cake and eat it too..! {Happy dance} These energizing little bombs are perfect bite-sized deliciousness – what more do you want or need? Well, here’s what you’ll need to make them {makes 20}: 2 tbs nut butter of your choice 3 tbs coconut

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