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Energy-Boosting Low Carb Chocolate Granola

Chocolate for breakfast?! You bet! This was actually one of those happy accidents, where you set out to make one thing and it becomes another… These were meant to be energy bars for running, but something went wrong with the consistency and they just kept on crumbling. Nevertheless – the result was some seriously awesome,

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Chocolate Cake Bombs {Low Carb & Energizing}

Happy Chocolate Cake Day! And now you can have your {Low Carb} cake and eat it too..! {Happy dance} These energizing little bombs are perfect bite-sized deliciousness – what more do you want or need? Well, here’s what you’ll need to make them {makes 20}: 2 tbs nut butter of your choice 3 tbs coconut

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Super-restorative & Nourishing Indian-style Omelette

Can I just say: Oh M Geeeeee! {Oh My goodness} I went back to gym today, after a nice long break of almost 2 months… And then I almost died. Can fitness just disappear like that? What about muscle memory?! Seems like I have a bit of muscle amnesia… {Even though I went running a

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Almond Fat Bomb Smoothie

A super treat, super nutritious and extremely filling! {Also a great fat-booster to fuel your day, so I’d recommend this for breakfast.} You will need: 1/2 cup raw almonds 2 tbs coconut cream 1 tbs honey 1 tsp xylitol {only if you want it to be sweet…} 1 banana {gives you much-needed energy pre-workout} Ice

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#TBT What a change, a change in lifestyle can make

Hello! Happy Thursday AND a very happy birthday to my one & only {hubby}! I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately, looking at old photos, thinking of our travels, etc. and realised a few things: *The past 5 years have gone by quicker than anything *I’ve done a lot of growing up *I’ve been so blessed

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