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Frozen Yoghurt Cheesecake Bars

It’s time again for our Monthly Ingredient Challenge, where I get together with a talented group of fellow bloggers to create delicious recipes based on one ingredient. ┬áThis month’s ingredient is cream cheese – yes, this must be right up there as one of the most popular ingredients, surely! I mean, hello cheesecake! This past

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Low Carb Grain-free Burgers

Low Carb & Grain-Free Burgers – for Breakfast? Why not?

It’s lunchtime already on Comrades-day 2015 and I wouldn’t mind one of these post-race… What a race it’s been – such great results for SA! Well done to everyone who ran {and are possibly still at it), including the brave 13 from our running club. {And no, I certainly did not run, I watched most

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Chocolate Cake Bombs {Low Carb & Energizing}

Happy Chocolate Cake Day! And now you can have your {Low Carb} cake and eat it too..! {Happy dance} These energizing little bombs are perfect bite-sized deliciousness – what more do you want or need? Well, here’s what you’ll need to make them {makes 20}: 2 tbs nut butter of your choice 3 tbs coconut

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Fuel Up with a Hearty Breakfast

We blinked and it’s almost Christmas… Frenzied last-minute gift shopping, chaotic family get-togethers and food-prepping like there’s no tomorrow… This doesn’t really depict a serene Christmas-feel, does it? No. Moral of the story – plan ahead and get stuff done, Christmas should be a peaceful and calm time with family and friends. Nevertheless, this IS

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Almond Fat Bomb Smoothie

A super treat, super nutritious and extremely filling! {Also a great fat-booster to fuel your day, so I’d recommend this for breakfast.} You will need: 1/2 cup raw almonds 2 tbs coconut cream 1 tbs honey 1 tsp xylitol {only if you want it to be sweet…} 1 banana {gives you much-needed energy pre-workout} Ice

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