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Effortless Entertaining with this {Low Carb} Paella

I’ve been craving a good paella for a while now… It {Paella} used to be my go-to dish when entertaining – it requires minimum effort and gives you maximum taste and satisfaction. It’s one of those really social dishes – my favourite kind – where you simply place a heaving bowl of it in the

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Bacon, Boerewors & Broccoli Casserole

I call it the ‘Triple B Casserole’ – Bacon, Boerewors & Broccoli. It’s super quick and easy to make, and in my opinion, perfect for a Monday. Enjoy! X  

Breakfast Cookout with ONLY 5 Ingredients

I love a good cookout! Here in SA, we sommer call it a braai… 😉 And we do it often – oh yes, we’ll find any excuse to braai! It’s just so lovely to enjoy the outdoors and if the weather plays along, you can cook and have any meal outside. {Nowadays though, our electricity

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Summer Aubergine & Chicken Curry – Low Carb & Lemony

I just love a good curry – who doesn’t? But it’s not exactly the first thing that pops into mind for dinner during summer… While doing my weekly meal plans, this was created – I had aubergines and a whole chicken I wanted to use, as well as lots of double cream yoghurt. My kids

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Bacon, Kale & Scrambled Egg Bowls plus Top Tips for Making Scrambled Eggs

It’s breakfast time somewhere in the world, right..?! Start your day with these yummy bowls of goodness: {Kale is like The Hulk of leafy greens!} It’s so easy and you only need a few ingredients: {This is enough for 3 people} Half an onion, chopped 4 eggs A splash of milk or cream A large

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Colourful Chicken & Broccoli Dish

I love these dishes that only use one pot! Plus, it’s easy too – especially for a weeknight dinner… Who has the time to cook an elaborate meal whilst trying to get the kids through the bath, preventing them from murdering each other AND enjoying your precious glass of vino?! {Just kidding 😉 } Righty-hoo,

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You Say Omelette, I Say ‘Breakfast Fritatta!’

‘Breakfast Fritatta!’ in the same voice as Agent Lucy from Despicable Me 2 when she announces ‘Lipstick Tazer!!!’ Or perhaps I’ve just watched the ‘minions movie’ a few times too many..?! And the only reason I’ve watched it a gazillion times, is because my kids absolutely LOVE it – seriously, they will watch it back-to-back

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Chicken & Courgette Bake

A slight adaptation of the ever-popular Courgette Gratin from the Real Meal Revolution – this recipe makes a meal of it! Fab for weeknight dinners and just how I like it – all in one pot! Just add a wholesome salad and you’re good to go. You will need: 500g courgettes / marrows, cut lengthways

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