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Cheesy Cauliflower & Broccoli ‘Faux’Caccia

Perfect ‘faux’ the kids!  Hehe, see what I did there…? Boys are all about the superheroes… Capes and spiderwebs, muscles and fancy mobiles. Oh how this household is in need of a bit of glitter and sparkles and princess tiaras… {I’ll just pretend I’M the princess around here, because THAT shop is closed 😉 }

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How changing ONE thing in my daily routine gave me happier kids, more time with them and less late-afternoon chaos

My daily routine as a Stay-At-Home-Mom {SAHM} and foodie/blogger used to look something like this: Take kids to school Go to the gym Household chores Blogging and other blog-related stuff Admin / errands, etc. Fetch kids Prep dinner & try and take decent photos for the blog… Dinner time Kids’ bath time Kids’ bedtime Time

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{Low Carb} Easter Ideas Pinterest Roundup

Earlier today, I posted a link on Facebook about the effects of all the unnatural dyes found in a lot of kids’ treats and processed foods.. Here it is again: It got me thinking about all the fun and love and laughter associated with Easter egg hunts, treats and more. Even though we have a

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Top Tips for Holiday Routines

Routine – it’s probably the last thing you’d associate with being on holiday… If you have kids though, you need routine just as much as they do. Kids without a routine {that normally have one under normal home circumstances} turn into tiny little beasts – even the most well-behaved and disciplined ones… Why routines are

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