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My 2-Day Detox Plan plus Expert Advice

I’ve been feeling a bit yuck for a month now – I was eating too much protein, not exercising (due to injured hamstring) and just really eating too much, albeit the right things… Soo, I decided that I need a detox! Nothing hectic like starving myself for a week, no, I decided to just get

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My Favourite Olive Oil plus a Light & Easy Side Salad

It’s Monday, it’s raining, so let’s take it easy… I went to my husband’s gym this morning, instead of going to my usual class at my gym…Oh..My..Goodness… I am pooped! New exercises, lots of muscle usage – I might not be able to lift a finger tomorrow… As we say here in SA – eish!

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Creamy, Lemony Chicken Picatta plus Top Tips for Grilling Zucchini

This is quite a typical – or perhaps not typical, but definitely a favourite – American chicken dish… Tender, thin chicken fillets, with a creamy lemon sauce and capers – that’s it, in a nutshell I suppose! Here’s what you’ll need {to serve 3-4 people}: 3 chicken breasts, halved and tenderized {place onto a board,

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