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{Low Carb} Pizza with Parmesan & Portugese Sardines

Seriously, I don’t understand kids… Does anyone?! Just as I think I know what they like / don’t like, they hit me with a curve-ball. As a rule, I don’t want to make separate food for the kids that are ‘kid-friendly’, I would rather have them eat whatever we eat and thus be less likely

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{Low Carb} Pizza with Slow-Cooked Venison

I hope you’re in the mood for venison, because I have a deeeeelishes pizza with slow-cooked venison coming up! If you missed yesterday’s post, be sure to check it out: Salty & Sweet Bacon & Venison Roll-ups  Basically, I’ve taken an entire leg of warthog, slow-cooked it for 10 hours and now I’ll show you

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Steak ‘n Egg Breakfast Pizza

Let me just start off by confessing something: I LOVE steak. Sometimes I feel like I could eat an entire cow. {If I’m offending anyone by my statement – well, sorry… And Happy Monday! 🙂 } This weekend was really one of those lazy ones where you spend most of it on the couch, watching

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