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Salty & Sweet Bacon & Venison Roll-Ups

It’s that time of year again – well almost… Husbands and friends go on their annual hunting trips to provide beautiful and totally free range, grass fed meat for the year. You absolutely cannot get more Paleo / Primal than that! No grain-fed meat or growth-stimulating hormones, no – only pure, earthy, meaty goodness. Many

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Breakfast Cookout with ONLY 5 Ingredients

I love a good cookout! Here in SA, we sommer call it a braai… 😉 And we do it often – oh yes, we’ll find any excuse to braai! It’s just so lovely to enjoy the outdoors and if the weather plays along, you can cook and have any meal outside. {Nowadays though, our electricity

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Low-Carb Travels & a Super Green Smoothie

Traveling a-la-low-carb is no joke people… If you’re stuck in economy and have a layover – well let’s just say the pickings are slim indeed… You’re best off just to avoid the obvious starches and hope for the best. (You might just starve, because let’s be honest, the choices at an airport include carbs, carbs,

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The Perfect Steak

I love steak. There, I’ve said it! {I love meat – period.} Now that we have that out of the way – here’s my version of The Perfect Steak: The Perfect Steak is NOT covered in sauce. The Perfect Steak is NOT cooked to a grey crisp. The Perfect Steak is NOT over-seasoned {or under-seasoned

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Perfect & Succulent Roast Chicken

Chicken – it’s one of those things you can easily mess up and overcook / under-season, etc. Yet, if kept simple and cooked perfectly, it can be an all-star dish. My favourite way to cook chicken, is to cook it whole, on the braai or roasted in the oven – classic and simple. When you

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